Friends since they met at the Yehudi Menuhin School, these three classically trained musicians create sparkling performances of contemporary and classic pieces. Well known as individual performers, they are now reaching out beyond the conventional classical music scene.
The Elessar Trio (Ning Kam - violin, Miranda Su-Lan Harding - cello, Bobby Chen - piano) first met as pupils at the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey in 1991, where they received an intensive chamber music training from members of the Amadeus Quartet, Peter Norris, and Lord Menuhin. They were exposed to many similar musical influences during this time, and although they went on to study in Britain, the USA, and Germany and developed separate careers, these unique early experiences proved invaluable to achieving a close rapport when they renewed their musical friendship in London in 2007.
They all have far-reaching performing experience as chamber musicians, and during the course of their studies, have worked with many renowned musicians such as the late Felix Galimir and Lord Menuhin, Michael Dusseck, Andrew West, Peter Salaff, Nobuko Imai, and the Guarneri Quartet. Merging their individual experiences which stem from the European, American and Russian schools of musical thought, the Elessar Trio are equally at home in the traditional classical repertoire as well as the contemporary and share a passion for unusual and challenging repertoire.
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